Imperial County Sheriff’s Office’s Investigations Division

The Imperial County Sheriff’s Office’s Investigations Division is comprised of two Sergeants, seven Investigators, one Task Force Officer assigned from the United States Border Patrol. The Investigator’s assigned to the Investigations Division are highly trained; task specific Sheriff’s Deputies to handle the most egregious and sensitive offenses and incidents above the resources of the Patrol Division.

The Investigation Division is responsible for all investigations concerning homicides, officer-involved shootings/death, major assaults, sexual assaults, kidnappings, burglaries, robberies, thefts, fraud, identity theft, Internet Crime Against Children (ICAC), and any other criminal trends within the Imperial County. The Investigation Division is also responsible for all Imperial County Jail investigations.

The Investigation Division has two Investigators responsible for registering and tracking all sex registrants living within the Imperial County and is a member of the San Diego Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC).

The Investigation Division researches, builds, and implements operations to address criminal activity within the Imperial County. The Investigators also assist patrol with surveillance and/or apprehension operations and any other requests, and focuses law enforcement efforts on identified career criminals operating in the Imperial County.

Contact # (442) 265-2105 ext.2

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